As of June 21, 2016, the FAA has announced a new way to fly legally. To learn more, contact us and get flying today!

What is the FAA Section 333 Exemption?

The FAA Section 333 Exemption is a document required by the FAA in order to be legally flying your drone/sUAV commercially. Without it you are operating illegally and are liable to be fined by the FAA.

 However, the FAA is processing 333 petitions at an unprecedentedly slow pace in lieu of the upcoming Part 107 Rules.

Gowdy Brothers Offers A Unique Solution

Gowdy Brothers Aerospace has helped over over a thousand customers across the world file for their FAA 333 exemption, and in doing so we have now found a way to get you flying legally with the fastest turn around time in the industry.
We have clients from all varieties of backgrounds, from commercial pilots and drone experts to realtors and amateur photographers, and we are confident that our services will be a great match for you and your business!

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