FAA Certifies 17,000 Drone Pilots with a 91% Pass Rate

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SHAKOPEE, MN, February 1, 2017 – Gowdy Brothers Aerospace, LLC who closely tracks and monitors the FAA Remote Pilot knowledge test numbers, estimate that 17,000 UAS Drone operators will have passed the FAA Remote Pilot knowledge test by the first week in February 2017.

According to the FAA UAS Integration Office, over 16,700 UAS Drone Operators have already passed the Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge test with a UAS rating this January with a 91% passing rate.

Stephen Gowdy, Chief Pilot of Gowdy Brothers Aerospace, LLC believes the high passing rates are largely due to many of the existing non-current part 61 pilots taking the Part 107 test.

Gowdy states, “The high passing rates are a little misleading.  Due to the number of existing certified private pilots, the passing rates appear skewed a little higher. We have not seen anyone without studying and without previous private pilot experience pass the test.”

The Remote Pilot test is comprised of 5 broad topics and 60 randomly selected questions from a bank of 536 test questions:

  1. UAS Regulations
  2. Airspace & Requirements
  3. Weather
  4. Loading & Performance
  5. Operations

With 1.2 million drones given at Christmas and more than 2.8 million purchased in 2016, it is now widely estimated somewhere between 22% to 30% will be used for commercial purposes.

The results: 750,000 new UAS operators will need to get a Remote Pilot Certificate this year. UAS operators will need to get started studying now and get their Part 107 Remote Pilot testing completed now before the rush on the limited testing FAA centers.  Some FAA testing centers are so busy they are scheduling tests out 45 to 60 days out.

Gowdy Brothers Aerospace, a Part 107 Education company has developed both an online self-study learning center and a live online interactive workshop where students can attend a traditional class taught by an experienced and certified instructors via a webinar. This Gowdy Brother’s interactive workshop is especially successful since students can ask questions as they go.

Upon successful completion of the workshop guarantees the student will pass on their first attempt.


About Gowdy Brothers Aerospace

Gowdy Brothers Aerospace, LLC ( is the Premier Provider of UAS educational resources to FAA Remote Pilots.

Please contact about Gowdy Brothers’ Part 107 Learning Center, Interactive Workshops and Waiver-able activities.

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